LivionKeypad is a smart keypad solution for managing electric locks and access rights. With LivionKeypad, you can control who gets through any doors with an electric lock and when.

You can also remotely manage, access, and create an indefinite number of time-limited or permanent pin codes. In addition, with regard to locks that can detect whether a door is open or closed, LivionKeypad can send a 'door open' message to any selected persons.

The keypad communicates wirelessly with an electric lock control unit, making it safe to use.

It can be installed both out and indoors, and using a web-based program you can easily control all your keypads remotely. You can also remotely create and send new pin codes and change existing access rights.

You can set your pin codes so that they are valid during a certain period of time, for example, or only on certain days or at certain times. Doors can also be opened remotely if necessary.

The system has an API interface that allows it to communicate with other systems of yours.

The solution can also be combined with LivionKey30 key automats, in which case the pin code is the same for the automat and the keypad. This enables your clients to enter the building easily.