As the owner of the key box, you can control the box with our browser-based software, or if your company already uses a reservation system, we can also offer an API interface, through which the systems can communicate the reservation information to each other.



With our software system, you can monitor the key box remotely, even if you have multiple boxes in use, and watch the overall situation of a single box’s keys.



You can easily make reservations or edit them.



Our software includes several other functions, such as:
Entering or removing keys, making reservations, email and SMS messages to clients, monitoring tools for key box activities, optional photos of pick-ups, photos from inside the key box and identifying whether the box is empty or not or, in other words, if the keys have been picked up or returned to the box.

LivionKey30 WeatherBox will also notify you if it is disconnected or someone tries to move it. If the power is disconnected, the key box has a battery backup for short power outages, so short power outages will not prevent the use of the key box.