LivionKey-1 SingleBox

LivionKey-1 SingleBox

The first LivionKey-1 or the Single Box remote-controlled key box was created when an entrepreneur renting out cottages wanted a solution to ease his everyday life and serve cottage renters better than the traditional approach.

The idea was that a client with a reservation could arrive at the cottage at any chosen time and easily pick-up the keys from the key box with a PIN code that is only valid for as long as the reservation.


The client could also return the keys in the same key box and the cottage owner could be notified of when the box had been used.

This tells the owner when the client has arrived and left, and the owner can plan cottage inspections and cleaning more efficiently.



LivionKey-1 Single Box is an automated key box that uses modern technology to help you run your everyday life. The key box contains a locker with a door and can hold 1–3 keys, depending on the key size.

It is managed through a control service in the form of browser-based software. As the key box owner, you can use it to remotely monitor and control the key box, even if multiple key boxes are in use.

Examples of the software’s functions:
Entering or removing keys, making reservations, email and SMS messages to clients.